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Ghost Rider Fans

A Community for Boneheads

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A fan community for Ghost Rider


This community is (obviously) dedicated to Ghost Rider, a superhero who has needed more attention for some time now. With the release of the 2007 film starring Nicolas Cage, a lot more comic fans have started to take notice. Hence the need for this community.

What Do We Want?

Anything even remotely Ghost Rider related is welcome! Posts about comics, movies (come on, sequel!), video games, music, actors, writers, artists, and so on are not just wanted but needed. As long as it is related to Ghost Rider, it will be allowed.

Fandomish stuff is allowed as well. Icons, fan art, wallpapers, fan fiction, fansites, fanlistings, images, screen caps, music videos, fanmixes, promotion of other communities… We want it all!

And let’s not forget discussion! Wanna talk about characterization, storylines, favorite moments, a weird song you heard that mentioned our favorite Bonehead, or just post a tidbit of news? Please do that, then.


1. Absolutely no flaming. We like flaming skulls, but not flaming trolls. You will be dispatched with a fiery chain if you come ‘round these parts.

2. For image posts: If your image is over 500x500 pixels in size, then it should go behind a cut.

3. For icon posts: If you are posting more than three icons, place the rest behind a cut (fake or real, doesn’t matter). If you take any icons, be sure to credit the icon maker for their work! That is a must.

4. For fan fictions: The following information should be posted OUTSIDE of a cut…

Title: Call it something
Author: Your name/screen name
Disclaimer: Make sure we know what you do or do not own
Rating: G - NC-17 (all ratings allowed)
Characters: Johnny, Carter, Roxanne, etc…
Warnings: Slash, Violence, Spoilers, etc…
Summary: Give a description of what the story is about so we know a little of what we’re in for

The body of the story should be placed BEHIND a cut or linked to another site or entry.

5. For spoilers: Any kind of spoiler should be behind a cut. It's just common courtesy.

Support and Fan Stuff

To link back to and support this community (as well as Ghost Rider in general) we have some banners available for you to put in your user info. Feel free to take any you like and link back to ghostriderfans. Spread the word with Proud Bonehead Banners!

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